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Taephoon Martial Arts Academy uses OneTap to keep track of students coming to class.

Taephoon Martial Arts Academy

Learn about how Claudia, owner of Taephoon Martial Arts Academy, tracks student attendance using a fun check-in process powered by OneTap.

Featured OneTap customer - MD Dynamic Solutions

MD Dynamic Solutions

Interested in marketing and loyalty programs? OneTap helps MD Dynamic solutions improve customer loyalty using check-in & check-out time insights on customer visits for the most optimal promotions.

Featured OneTap customer - MLSE

MLSE - Raptors, Maple Leafs, Toronto FC

Interested in knowing what a company like MLSE would use OneTap for?


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"Kids love OneTap, they have so much fun checking into classes.
And it's saved me so much time with excel attendance reports."
- Claudia, Owner of Taephoon Martial Arts Academy