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Guestlist App

Elevate your events with our simple and intuitive guest-list app. Create a lightning-fast check-in process and a digital guest list with your Excel files in 5 minutes or less!

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The transition to OneTap for managing our event attendees has been transformative. We've said goodbye to the tedious task of spreadsheet handling, embracing a digital approach that's both time-saving and incredibly intuitive.
- Laura Pantetaa, Director of Contractor Programs at Unilock

How It Works

Transform Excel Spreadsheet into Digital Guest List - in minutes

A user-friendly, easy-to-use app - your front desk check-in team will love it.

One Click Import

1. One Click Import

Turn your Excel sheets into a digital guest list, make revisions, and add & remove people on the fly - it’s always up-to-date.

share registration link or passes

2. Share Passes or Registration Link

Send individual QR passes or registration links via email, plus the passes look great on Apple Wallet*!

Share public QR code by onetap

3. Print QR Code

Allow visitors to check in to your event using a QR code, no more long wait times.

Self check-in iPad Kiosk

3. Setup a Self Check-in with iPad Kiosk

Allow visitors to quickly check in with their name or QR pass, no more paper sheet chaos.

OneTap Dashboard and iOS App

4. Dashboard or iOS App

See live updates (who’s checked in, who’s missing), and manage your guest list on the fly!
Keep everyone up-to-date by adding team members as collaborators.

Guest Attendance Reports

5. Run Reports

Download comprehensive reports to help you make data-driven decisions for future success.

The Guest List Management App Loved By

Event Planners and Organizers to Volunteers and Attendees

🎤 Conferences

🔨 Workshops

📦 Trade Shows

🏅 Sports Events

🏢 Corporate Events

🎉 Social Gatherings

💰 Fundraisers & Charity

Guestlist app for Event Planner

Event Planners

Guestlist app for Non Profit Organizers

Non-Profit Organizers

Guestlist app for Corporate Event Coordinators

Corporate Coordinators

Guestlist app for Marketing and PR Teams

Marketing and PR Teams

Guestlist app for Event Sponsors and investors

Sponsors / Investors

Guestlist app for University Event Coordinators - OneTap

University Event Coordinators

Guestlist app for Security Personnel by OneTap

Security Personnel

Guestlist app for Attendees


Guestlist app for Professionals

Hospitality Professionals

Guestlist app for Concert and Festival Organizers

Concert / Festival Organizers

Guestlist App for Venue Managers

Venue Managers

Free Guestlist App for Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Coast Through Your Event Workflow

Pre-event Preparation

Pre-Event Hassles: Traditional Approaches

Pre-event hassles with paper-pen method
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Juggling numerous Excel spreadsheets.
Icon - cancel icon
Dealing with outdated guest rosters.
Icon - cancel icon
Manually monitoring RSVPs.
Icon - cancel icon
Difficulties in sharing links.

Effortless Pre-Event Process: OneTap Solution

Pre-event process with OneTap
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Effortless Excel and data integration.
Icon checkmark blue
Real-time guest list updates.
Icon checkmark blue
Automated RSVP management.
Icon checkmark blue
Easy sharing options.

Event Execution

Event-Day Challenges: Conventional Hurdles

Pre-event hassles with paper-pen method
Icon - cancel icon
Long line-ups.
Icon - cancel icon
Manual check-in process.
Icon - cancel icon
Frustrated attendees.
Icon - cancel icon
Slow start to the event.

Seamless Event Management: Guestlist App Benefits

Pre-event process with OneTap
Icon checkmark blue
Fast and streamlined check-in process.
Icon checkmark blue
Reduced wait times and lines.
Icon checkmark blue
Happy visitors.
Icon checkmark blue
The event starts on schedule.

Post-event Analysis

Post-Event Guesswork

Pre-event hassles with paper-pen method
Icon - cancel icon
Unclear attendee feedback.
Icon - cancel icon
Ambiguous ROI.
Icon - cancel icon
Insufficient data for informed decisions.
Icon - cancel icon
Guesswork in future planning.

Insightful Analysis: OneTap Approach

Pre-event process with OneTap
Icon checkmark blue
In-depth attendee attendance insights.
Icon checkmark blue
Precise evaluation of event ROI (Return on Investment).
Icon checkmark blue
Practical, actionable insights.
Icon checkmark blue
Confidence in planning future.

Share Register Links

Upload a guestlist and enable guests to register and check-in, with real-time synchronization across all devices for a comprehensive and seamless event management experience.
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QR Code Feature OneTap

Leverage QR Passes for Efficiency

Send guests a unique QR pass via email or text. On arrival, guests can quickly scan their QR passes on their Apple Wallet* to check in on any iPad kiosk* with the OneTap iPad app.
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Understand Your Event’s Success and ROI

Download detailed tracking of individual attendance and engagement trends.

Build reports to align with your organization’s objectives, such as improving program effectiveness, measuring event success, future planning (staffing, catering, logistics), and VIP engagement and retention. 
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Event Attendance Reports

And There’s More!

Personalize Every Guest Experience

VIP Engagement

Customize text messages to welcome VIP guests and notify respective account reps.

Digital Passes

Streamline entry with QR codes and Apple Wallet* integration.


Personalized greetings to honor guests on their special day.

Bespoke Experience

Gather details like T-shirt sizes for bespoke event experiences.

Make Lasting Impressions

First Impressions

Impress visitors with sleek, user-friendly kiosks at entry points.

Branding Brilliance

Make your logo stand out for a consistent brand experience.

Customize Touchpoints

Customize every interaction with personalized links and your brand logo.

Seamless Connectivity

Easy access and information with customized links for a smooth visitor journey.

Maximize Engagement and Insights

Build Your Email Database

Grow your contacts with a complete email database - capture all attendee details.

Visitor Insight

Gain valuable insights into who attended, and enrich your database and CRM with detailed attendance insights.

Follow-Ups & Engagement

Craft targeted follow-ups for attendees, fostering lasting connections and feedback.

Simple Yet Powerful Minimalist Mastery

Quick Name Search
Register Walk-Ins Instantly
Update Guest Info in Realtime
QR Code Passes
Icon of team members - Add your team members into OneTap
Self-check-in Public QR Code
iPad Kiosk App
automated attendance app for students
Visitor Self-check-in App
Custom Branding
one tap icon for api integration
CRM Integration with API
access attendance records on multiple device by onetap
Sync Across Multiple Devices
Check-in Location & Time Restriction

Tracking Invitee is Simpler and Effortless than Finding a Parking Spot at a Popular Event! 😎

Our Product Expert will Get you Set Up in 30 Minutes or Less.

OneTap exclusive demo
"I was immediately impressed after encountering OneTap at a major dental conference. The public QR code for streamlined entry and interaction was a game-changer."
- Edna Johnson, Indian Health Service

“Simplify my life with quick attendance”

I’m so glad to get rid of Excel, I finally found what I have been looking for! OneTap makes it easy for me to have profiles with student information, easily accessible, and take attendance quickly.

OneTap Customer Review by Jessica

Jessica S

Teacher at San Bernardino City,
Unified School District

“I see the glow in my parents’ faces”

“I love it, I have tried a million attendance apps out there, lots of them tailored towards other use-cases. This app helps our business run smoother and fits our business model.”

OneTap Featured Customer - Segundo Uptempo Athletics

Segundo Saguid

Owner of Uptempo Athletics

“Simple and easy-to-use app”

You guys have been great! Our organization loves your products. We use it for three different benefits throughout the year. So easy and straightforward!!!

OneTap customer review by Jody.  Easy and straightforward attendance app

Jody Savino

Event Manager

“Capture Student Data Easily”

We recovered $700+ in revenue using OneTap for attendance tracking, this program helps us capture student’s data more easily.

OneTap Customer 1
Errin Huey
CEO and Chief Instructor,
Soteria Training Services

“Effective and user-friendly software”

I brought this software because it was so effective, we experienced pre-k. Parents and grandparents love it because it's so user-friendly.

Image of an example OneTap customer
Doris Wilson
Teacher, ST Jerome School

“Most Simple and Powerful”

It’s going to be very difficult for us if we don’t have OneTap.

OneTap Customer Image7
Ymera Rodriguez
Forsyth Tech - Community Collage

Coming From Paper & Pencil?

What You Might Be Doing

Pen and Paper Sign-ins

Manual check-ins can lead to frustration and inaccuracies and cost you time.
Icon - cancel icon
Tedious & Stressful
Sifting through endless paper lists is a hassle, especially if guests have already lined up.
Icon - cancel icon
Keeping accurate track of who's present and who's not can be a guessing game.

What You Might Be Missing

Other Apps:

Do not settle for an app that lacks comprehensive features and data retention.
Icon - cancel icon
Limited Customization-
The absence of custom fields and a lack of additional guest tracking.
Icon - cancel icon
Poor Support
In the real-time world of events, getting a response even a day late can be as unhelpful as getting no response.
Icon - cancel icon
Data Transparency
In the absence of complete transparency in data management, you might be left unsure about the security and handling of your data.
better way for attendance tracking

What You Will Be Doing

OneTap Attendance Tracker Logo

Realtime Guestlist Tracking

Keep your guest list up-to-date and in sync across all devices for real-time accuracy.
Icon checkmark blue
Rapid, Streamlined Check-In:
Check in guests in seconds. Say goodbye to the traditional A-F, G-K registration tables.
Icon checkmark blue
Customization and Flexibility:
Search by name, email, or any custom field with real-time results.
Icon checkmark blue
Expert Support and Resources:
Extensive documentation - help desk and community, live chat, and phone support for hassle-free check-in.
Icon checkmark blue
Time Efficiency:
Minimize manual tasks and reduce staff hours for maximum efficiency.
Icon checkmark blue
Team Collaboration:
Facilitate better teamwork and coordination among staff.
Icon checkmark blue
Insightful Analysis:
Gather data to inform smarter decisions for future events.
Icon checkmark blue
API Integration:
Easily connect with other apps and registration platforms for seamless data flow.
Icon checkmark blue
Brand Showcase:
Create a memorable visitor experience with branded elements, clean interfaces, and QR codes.
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