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The Old Way

old way to track attendance
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Daily roll calls, nightmare!!!
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Unorganized sheets
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Faculty is out of sync
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Stress when audits happen
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Students feel overwhelmed with paper sign-ins
better way for attendance tracking

The Better Way

old way to track attendance
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Digital Sign-ins, high accuracy & less friction
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Access class attendance in one place
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Comply with accreditation requirements, like ABA
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Real-time check-in updates
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Custom reporting & analytics
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Joseph & 30,000+ have already joined
Image of Gonzaga University logo. 
Gonzaga Law Dept uses OneTap to capture and organize class atttendance

I have tried other attendance apps. You are like Zoom compared to Skype 🚀

Brandi from Gonzaga University
Brandi Estrada,
Gonzaga University School of Law

How It Works

Wave goodbye to paper sign-ins! Automate it all in just 5 minutes ...

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Joseph & 30,000+ have already joined
Create a List of courses, classes, etc

Step 1

Create a List

Create a List, e.g. 2023 Law 101 Course, Gym Class, School Visitors, ...

Set the course schedule, e.g. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

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Step 2

Import Your Entire Student Profiles Within Minutes

Import Students (In A Few Clicks)

Excel columns of names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, age, student numbers, etc into the dashboard & app.

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Import student profiles easily

Step 3

Setup Your Check-in Process

With multiple check-in processes, you can share check-in links & registration links and start tracking attendance instantly.

Multiple check-in process to track student attendance Create a Free Account

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1000's are already using OneTap to ensure their university stays organized, reduced errors & manual workload, and meet ABA requirements

“Simplify my life with quick attendance”

I’m so glad to get rid of Excel, I finally found what I have been looking for! OneTap makes it easy for me to have profiles with student information, easily accessible, and take attendance quickly.

OneTap Customer Review by Jessica

Jessica S

Teacher at San Bernardino City,
Unified School District

“Simple and easy-to-use app”

You guys have been great! Our organization loves your products. We use it for three different benefits throughout the year. So easy and straightforward!!!

OneTap customer review by Jody.  Easy and straightforward attendance app

Jody Savino

Event Manager

“Capture Student Data Easily”

We recovered $700+ in revenue using OneTap for attendance tracking, this program helps us capture student’s data more easily.

OneTap Customer 1
Errin Huey
CEO and Chief Instructor,
Soteria Training Services

“Effective and user-friendly software”

I brought this software because it was so effective, we experienced pre-k. Parents and grandparents love it because it's so user-friendly.

Image of an example OneTap customer
Doris Wilson
Teacher, ST Jerome School

“Most Simple and Powerful”

It’s going to be very difficult for us if we don’t have OneTap.

OneTap Customer Image7
Ymera Rodriguez
Forsyth Tech - Community Collage