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The 2023 Must-Have App for Deans, Faculty Admins, and Professors. Attendance management has never been easier.


Guarantees Accurate Attendance Data


Meets Accreditation Requirements (Like ABA)


Incredibly Simple for Students


Streamline & Standardize Your Attendance

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Trusted by 31,000+
Trusted by universities across the US 🇺🇸 like Gonzaga, UCLA, Stanford, and more
Get ready for the upcoming academic semester in August by revamping your approach to attendance management. Improve attendance tracking efficiency for better results!

Designed for Students Yet Comprehensive Enough for Deans

The must-have app for professors, administrators, and students in 2023

For Academic Deans

As an academic dean you are juggling a lot of responsibilities from leadership, managing faculty, budget, planning, student success, to accreditation and compliance.

OneTap is your partner for Accreditation and Compliance.
Conforming to ABA guidelines by OneTap attendance tracker

Peace of Mind

Conforming to ABA guidelines for online and in-person attendance. Never worry about audits again.
improve efficiency and accuracy with ontap's centralized system


All your attendance data in ONE place - improve efficiency, accuracy, and access.
streamlined management for academic deans with onetap

Streamlined Management

Departments work in sync and follow a streamlined attendance process.
Accurate attendance tracking for decision making, reporting and analyzing attendance pattern

Trustworthy Data

Accurate attendance for use in decision making, reporting, and analysis.
Improve student accountability by tracking attendance

Student Behavior

Improve accountability & instill student professionalism and prepare them for the workforce.
Stop using paper sign-in sheets. Reduce the administrative burden with OneTap

No more papers!

Reducing the administrative burden, including minimizing paperwork, to enhance efficiency.
Attendance app easy setup and single-use check-in app for universities

Stand-alone (Getting Buy-in)

Stand-alone app - So you don't need to worry about IT installations, integrations, or approvals. Just upload that Excel and watch the names appear.
Real-time automated attendance tracking

Automated Attendance

A real-time attendance system to keep track of attendance in remote and hybrid learning scenarios

"[Compared to other apps in this space] It's like using crayons compared to doing calculus on a bus with a broken pencil."
- Kim Pearson, Academic Dean @ Gonzaga University School of Law

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Trusted by 31,000+

For Admins

As administrators, you are the link between students, faculty, and staff. The meticulous management of student records – from registration and enrollment to tracking attendance, it's all on you. You guys are the backbone of the department.
OneTap Attendance tracker helps to monitor attendance pattern

Analyze Attendance

The learning curve is sped up by monitoring attendance.
Identify student engagement patterns in onetap

Student Engagement

Identifying patterns & boosting student engagement much more quickly
Admin can engage and collaborate with faculty and students easily using onetap attendnace app


The academic environment has never been more engaging & collaborative. Stay in the loop with real-time attendance.
Student attendance tracker

Organize & Monitor Events

Keeping track of classes and events is more accessible. Future events align more closely with students' interests.

"I thought it was super easy, I tried other apps.. but y’all's was super easy."
-  Grace @ Cumberland School of Law

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For Professors

There’s too many things on your plate - managing lectures, holding seminars, creating lessions, dealing with students … so we know that attendance is one less thing you want on your plate.

So the good news is that you don’t really have to do anything here.
OneTap is a quick setup and easy-to-use attendance app for professors.

Quick Setup in 5 minutes

An easy-to-use attendance system for non-technical professors.
automated attendance app for students


Students no longer need to manually check-in or fill out attendance sheets.
Professors now save their time after using OneTap

Buy back your time

Utilized previously wasted time on attendance-related administrative tasks.
Quick access to student attendance data

Quick Access

Get immediate access to student attendance data and their past attendance history.
Accuracy and precision attendance reports with OneTap attendance tracking

Accurate Records

By eliminating human error, attendance tracking is more precise and accurate.
Understanding student engagement levels for a better teaching approach

Data-driven Teaching

Understanding student engagement levels helps improve the teaching approach.

“It’s going to be very difficult for us if we don’t have OneTap”
-  Ymera R @ Forsyth Tech Community College

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Trusted by 31,000+

For Students

Students are there to learn and we are here to make sure that their attendance counts.
Super fast check-in for students using onetap

Super Fast Check-in

Student check-in is quick and easy with self-check-in, QR code scanning, and easy access via a link.
access attendance records on multiple device by onetap


With their devices, students can access attendance records easily and keep track of academic performance.
Students access their attendance records easily


Students do not have to email professors or administrators to obtain attendance records.
Student access attendance data anytime with onetap

Student Empowerment

Direct access to attendance data has increased student accountability and engagement.
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onetap app store reatings
Trusted by 31,000+
Image of Gonzaga University logo. 
Gonzaga Law Dept uses OneTap to capture and organize class atttendance

I have tried other attendance apps. You are like Zoom compared to Skype 🚀

Brandi from Gonzaga University
Brandi Estrada,
Gonzaga University School of Law

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the app track attendance for online or hybrid classes?

Yes, OneTap tracks attendance for various courses, including online and hybrid classes. Whether your students are learning in-person or remotely, OneTap ensures accurate and reliable attendance tracking.

Can students check-in without smartphone?

We understand that not all students have smartphones, so we've incorporated alternative check-in methods. Students can use kiosks set up on campus to check-in. We aim to make attendance tracking accessible to everyone.

Can OneTap be used on different devices?

Yes, OneTap is a cross-platform solution accessible on various iOS devices for maximum convenience. Multiple devices can check-in and sync data at the same time. In most practical cases, up to 15 devices can work together simultaneously.

What kind of support does OneTap offer?

OneTap offers comprehensive support, including tutorials, email support, and a robust help center to answer your questions and ensure a smooth user experience.

Do students need to download anything to use OneTap?

Students don't need to download any application. They can check in using the check-in link or scanning a public QR code; this works on smartphones and tablets with internet capabilities.

Does OneTap comply with data security standards?

Yes, OneTap takes data security seriously and complies with the latest data protection standards, ensuring your institution's information is secure.

How much interaction is required from professors to operate OneTap effectively?

OneTap is the epitome of simplicity. Simply input the class schedule and student list, and OneTap will handle everything else. Professors can easily navigate OneTap, leaving them free to focus entirely on their teaching without exerting too much effort.

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