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Turn Excel files into guest lists.
Create a check-in process using an iPad or iPhone.
Keep track of attendance, check-in and check-out visitors effortlessly.

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Go touch-less

  • Public check-in links
    Share a check-in link so people can check-in on their own mobile device without needing to install an app.
  • QR Passes
    Create a unique or group QR pass for people. Distribute QR passes using text message/SMS or email prior to visit.
    Scan QR passes using our iPad or iPhone app.
  • Kiosk App
    Turn your iPad into a self check-in kiosk (similar to an airport check-in kiosk). Visitors can scan their QR pass, search by name or register on arrival.
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Check-in, Check-out & time tracking

  • Time tracking
    Keep track of check-in time, check-out time and time in-between.
  • Customize your check-in process
    Require a signature, photo, or survey answers prior to check-in.
  • Track location
    Keep track of where people check-in.
  • Visitor facing check-in process
    Setup a self-check-in process with any iPad using our kiosk app or public check-in links.

Multiple devices & collaboration

  • Add Team Members
    Add multiple admins and team members to your account.
  • Real-time sync
    Works across multiple devices at the same time.
  • Admin Alerts
    Receive Text message/ SMS alerts when certain people check-in.
OneTap team attendance and visitor management app

Build a database

  • Excel Import
    Continue your workflow - Import names, phone numbers, emails, and custom fields from Excel sheets.
  • Save Custom Fields
    Save custom details for each person.
    Example: Birthdays, Membership ID, Membership status, etc.
  • Add Pictures
    Add a picture for each person, take new pictures during the check-in process.
Excel import and OneTap app

Collect Survey Responses

  • Build Surveys
    Collect additional data by adding surveys to your check-in process. Build surveys using our dashboard.
  • Collect Responses
    Require people to fill out surveys prior to check-in.
  • Analyze Responses
    View breakdown of the responses after people have checked-in.
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Automate & Integrate

  • Recurring Lists
    Create a recurring list that repeats based on a weekly schedule. Ideal for daily sign-in sheets, daily member attendance, repeating events, classes, etc.
  • Realtime analytics & Reports
    View analytics in real-time, view check-in history, and download reports with attendance summaries.
  • Integrate with registration forms
    Connect OneTap with your registration page using our API. OneTap creates a new profile and check-in entry after new registration.
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