Google Forms QR Code Attendance

How to Use QR Codes with Google Forms™ to Track Attendance? (2024 Edition)

To simplify it, we have a comprehensive video tutorial that walks you through the setup process step-by-step.
Managing student attendance can be a hassle, but integrating QR codes with Google Forms™ can simplify the process.
This approach streamlines check-ins, minimizes errors, and allows your students to instantly check-in and enter the classroom.
QR codes offer a modern solution to traditional sign-in methods. By pairing them with Google Forms™, you can create a seamless experience for participants.
Students scan the QR code with their smartphone, which takes them directly to a Google Form™ where they can enter their attendance details.
Here are some key benefits of using QR Codes for Google Forms™:

Ease of Access

QR codes make it simple for anyone to access the form, even those who need to be tech-savvy.


QR codes can be printed on physical materials, such as flyers, posters, or event tickets, making it easier to find and fill out the form.

Quick Setup

Generating a QR code for your Google Form™ is a fast process that can be completed in minutes.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

QR codes can be scanned by any device with a camera and a QR code reader, ensuring broad accessibility.


Creating and distributing QR codes is cost-effective, requiring minimal resources and infrastructure.

Professional Appearance

Incorporating QR codes into your forms gives a professional and modern look to your organization or event.
This method is perfect for various settings, including schools, corporate events, and membership clubs. By adopting this technology, you can ensure a smooth and efficient attendance tracking process.
5 steps to create QR code for google forms
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