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  • Manual data entry
  • Bad hand writing
  • Losing valuable data

Relieve stress & speed things up with OneTap.

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Check-In Profiles with Kiosk App

OneTap speeds up check-ins and makes attendance data easy to access.

How can I use OneTap?

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NBA Champions Toronto Raptors use OneTap Check-In
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“Our experience using One-Tap check-in has been nothing but efficient and seamless. As a large company we strive on customer service and understanding who our customers are. Not only has this program enhanced our customer experience, but it has helped us in tracking the analytics of our customers. The staff at One-tap have been extremely helpful in answering all questions and concerns in a timely manner. We would 110% recommend this program to all businesses.”

- Toronto Raptors, 2019 NBA Champions.

Save time with efficient check-ins.

Slow check-ins? Confusing name matching between paper sheets? Entering data manually? Our users can vouch for us, OneTap is guaranteed to boost productivity and save time.

“OneTap makes our process a lot easier, before then we were using paper, especially for our trip that takes 400, we get everybody checked-in in less than an hour because people can go to any of the check-in stations."

- Joseph, OneTap Customer
Check-In Profiles with Kiosk App

Custom Survey Profile Check-In

No more paper sheets.

Easily upload excel files with all of your profiles or have your members register on site. Say goodbye to unreadable handwriting and manually entering check-in data for every member.

"I’m always trying to automate everything so I feel like if I can get everything to automatically get imported then I don’t have to worry about creating a lot of extra systems.”

- Christopher, OneTap Customer

Access your data from anywhere.

Have other important things to do? With OneTap you can check real-time check-in data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Know with certainty who’s there and who’s not during time sensitive check-in procedures.

"The fact that I can look up real-time attendance on my phone has made my job a lot easier."

- Joseph, OneTap Customer
Check-In Guests and Members

Check-In History Records and Analytics

Powerful tracking & reporting.

How many people showed up? How many didn’t? What are my best days? Who do I need to reach out to? What is each member’s attendance over the past 6 months?

View and download comprehensive reports which display everything you need with the click of a button.

“OneTap Check-In helps us keep track of how many people we have coming in and what services they’re using”

- Doug, OneTap Customer

Competition is no comparison.


  • Intuitive
  • Simple
  • Cost Effective
  • Excellent Reporting
  • Web Interface
  • Recurring Lists

Other Solutions:

  • Unintuitive
  • Complicated
  • Expensive
  • Bad reports
  • No web interface
  • No recurring options

Extra Features for Every Need.

Self Check-Ins
Allow people to check-in themselves without needing to be serviced by an attendant.

Kiosk Mode
The iPad Kiosk is a great way for people to check-in themselves by typing in their name or using their QR Code.

Profiles allow for unlimited check-ins for the number of profiles your plan is allocated.

Custom Fields
Add & upload any custom fields that you can possibly think of to save for later, or use at check-in.

Multiple Devices
Multiple devices can be used to check-in people to speed up the check-in process.

Let your colleagues help with check-ins by adding them as a collaborator for an extra $5 per collaborator.

Recurring Lists
Auto-create lists so that you never miss a beat and there's never a problem with check-ins.

Customizable Kiosk
Add your logo, change the colors, and add multiple custom fields to gather important information.

Data Privacy
Keep everyone from seeing each others’ data while checking in.

Allow new people to register themselves to your profiles with the kiosk or using a registration link created on the dashboard.

Dashboard Analytics
Look at your data updating in real-time to see important updates from anywhere, without having to be on site.

Basic Reports
Download basic attendance reports without extras like time on location or several locations.

Advanced Reports
Download comprehensive excel file reports to track attendance, locations, and time on location across everyday you need to gather data.

QR Code Check-Ins
Send individuals their QR Codes & check them in with ease using the built-in QR Code scanner.

API Integrations
Hook up to your own forms by integrating with OneTap’s API or let us utilize a different API to increase your business’s efficiency.

Set check-in or check-out triggers for automatic text messages or emails going out to your customers.

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