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You only need OneTap.

Streamline your check-in process, cut down wait times, reduce manual labor, and collect more data with OneTap!

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Digital check-in app
What can OneTap help you do?

Create a paperless check-in process

OneTap streamlines your visitor check-in / sign-in process.
No more paper sign-in sheets, printers, instructions for visitors, messy handwritings, and manual data entries.

Check-in using an iPad or iPhone.
Or create a self check-in process using an iPad kiosk, public QR codes, individual QR passes, and more.

OneTap sign in app - check-in check-out and track time

Touchless check-in / sign-in process

Go completely touch-less, improve wait times, visitor experience, sanitation, and safety with OneTap’s public QR codes, self check-in links, SMS check-ins, and individual QR passes.
Works on all mobile devices!

QR code check-in app

Track attendance

Track attendance for events, seminars, classes, programs, meetings, memberships, or daily visits.

  • View real-time data on who's checked in, absent, and percentages.
  • View individual visitor attendance history, and total attendance during a time period.
  • Run aggregate reports for total attendance by unique visitors, or individual visits.
Visitor management and attendance app with time tracking by OneTap

Record time, location, signature, picture, and survey responses

Track check-in time, check-out time, total visit time.
Track GPS location of check-in.
Take photos, record signatures, and ask survey questions before a check-in.
Export all data as an Excel spreadsheet.

OneTap check-in app with time tracking, location, signature, photo, survey check-ins

Keep visitors safe with daily health screenings & COVID Contract Tracing

Add COVID-19 health screening questions before check-in. Quickly identify who's allowed to visit.

Organize visitor records

Keep an electronic record of each and every visit.
No more illegible handwriting, sorting paper sheets, and categorizing logs.
We save data forever, on the cloud, accessible by anyone on your team, from anywhere.
Generate detailed reports, from any time period.

Attendance reports on OneTap digital check-in / sign-in app

Delight visitors with a frictionless process, beautiful kiosk, and QR passes.

Improve visitor experience and satisfaction with super fast check-ins, reduced wait times, and no lineups!

  • Search for people by name, scan a QR code, set up a self check-in kiosk, add new guests on the spot, or search through your historical visitor database.
  • Issue digital passes with QR codes.
  • Customize your iPad kiosk to reflect your branding with business logo, and colors.
OneTap kiosk for visitor management and sign-ins

Sync data across multiple locations

Mobile (iPhone and iPad) friendly, so you can take it with you anywhere.
Setup multiple checkpoints in different locations using multiple devices, we sync all the data in real-time.

OneTap app running on multiple devices and syncing data across the cloud

Collaborate, work as a team

Invite admins, managers, staff, colleagues, and stakeholders to your organization's OneTap account. Collaborators can do everything from performing check-ins to running reports.

OneTap team attendance and visitor management app

Build a visitor/contact database 

Store unique visitor profiles for students, members, customers, guests, or employees in one place.
Add pictures, and custom fields such as birth dates, membership levels, family details, emergency contact, and more.

Visitor management app and visitor database feature on OneTap app
Public QR code generated on OneTap

Go touchless

Eliminate check-in lines and reduce wait times by printing public QR codes or sharing a check-in link.

Works on any smartphone with an internet connection.

Don't have internet or a smartphone?
Check-in via SMS with our 1-800 toll-free number.

Create a check-in process

Ask visitors to fill out a survey, take a photo or sign their name. We automatically track time stamps, location, device, and more.

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Multiple check-in options
qr code check in app with OneTap digital passes

Issue QR passes

Speed up your check-in process and eliminate any friction with individual QR code passes for visitors.
Works with Apple Wallet.

Passes can be sent individually or in bulk via email or SMS.

OneTap iOS app for iPad in kiosk mode.

Setup a visitor facing kiosk

Speed up your check-in process and reduce human labor by setting up a self check-in visitor facing kiosk. Kiosk auto-populates names, shows a visitor directory, and scans QR passes.

Works on any modern iPad - no additional or custom hardware needed!

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Create a database

Keep track of unique visitors in one place.

Setup custom properties for birthdates, age, membership level, health information, and more. View individual attendance, total attendance and visit history.

Import data from Excel or custom forms using our API.

OneTap product outline
Attendance analytics feature

View analytics & download reports

Keep all visitor logs and check-in data on the cloud, in one place. Spot attendance trends in classes or locations.
Saved forever, accessible anytime, anywhere, and by your entire team.

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Work together

Keep team members, admins, managers, colleagues, and stakeholders in the loop!

Multiple collaborators can join your organization's account. Works on multiple devices across different locations in real-time.

Setup inbound, outbound SMS, and email alerts when people check-in.

OneTap team attendance and visitor management app
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