Simplify Your Attendance Tracking with OneTap's Member Check In App

Stop chasing down people and data. Automatically gather data and keep it all in one place.

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checkin app for attendance
Replacement for paper checkin sheets

Who's Showing Up?

Stop leaving valuable information floating around on paper sheets. Start checking in your members and gathering attendance effortlessly.

Why Are They Showing Up?

With OneTap, identify patterns about why members come to your location. Record everything you need and uncover trends you've never seen.

The solution for pencil and paper check-ins

Throw Out Your Paper Sheets.

Escape the chaos of disorganized paper stacks. All your profiles and attendance data in one place. Updated in real-time and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Fast check-in app you can use with team for iOS
Best event checkin app

Prepare Your Staff.

Never miss your members' birthday, anniversary, or upcoming payment. Create an amazing member experience with powerful information at your fingertips.

Make the Kiosk Your Own.

Express your brand with the perfect set of colors, text, and logo. Show your members what you're all about.

Fast check-in app you can use with team for iOS

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