It’s Time to Convert Visitors Into Customers.

Online businesses benefit from digital analytics and now physical spaces have the same advantage.

Follow up with customers who leave the store without speaking to a sales rep, understand why customers visit the store, and gather insights into your store's operations.

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Improve your store customer traffic with One Tap Check-In automation

One Tap Check-In empowers customer-centric businesses with powerful tools to make each customer visit valuable.

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Customer Check-In Analytics
Customer Check-In Kiosk
Customer Check-In Automation
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Customer Check-In Analytics
Customer Check-In Analytics
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Customer Check-In Analytics

Every customer visit matters.

Customers check-in using our friendly kiosk, giving your sales team the advantage to follow-up with customers when traffic slows down. Send out text messages to customers to thank and follow-up when sales reps forget.

Efficient, friendly, and above all, customer-first.
Check-In Text Message Automation

Custom Check-In Survey Analytics

Understand each customer visit.

Ask custom questions during the check-in process to learn about what brings them in today. Get powerful reports on customer wants and needs giving you super powers when it comes to running promotions.

Gain super-human insights into your customers.

Streamline your operations.

Paint a clear picture of your customer’s journey using check-in and check-out times while making data driven decisions around staffing and process improvements.

Increase efficiency from customer engagement to marketing and sales.
Custom Location Data Analytics

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