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We make check-ins simple so ditch your paper and pencil sign-in sheets. Create your check-in process, track time, location, and attendance using our app.

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“This program enhanced our customer experience, and helped us track the analytics of our customers. We would 110% recommend this program to all businesses.”
- Joseph, Account Executive, VIP & Hospitality @ MLSE (Raptors, Leafs, TFC)

Go touchless

Eliminate check-in lines by sharing a self check-in link before visit. Share or print QR passes for your frequent visitors. Visitors can also check-in via SMS by texting our 1-800 toll free number.

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Create a check-in process

Ask visitors to fill out a survey, take a photo or sign their name. We keep track of time stamps, location, device, and more.

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Turn your iPad into a Kiosk

Speed up your check-in process and reduce manual labor by turning any iPad into a self check-in kiosk. Our Kiosk app auto populates names and scans QR passes.

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Lightweight CRM

Keep track of frequent visitors in one place. Setup custom properties (like birthdates, age, membership type, etc). View an individual's attendance history, import data from Excel or 3rd party forms.

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Analytics & Reports

Keep historical data on the cloud in one place. Spot attendance trends in classes or locations. Accessible forever, anytime, and by anyone on your team.

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Made for teams

Add multiple collaborators into one organization account. Works on multiple devices across different locations at the same time. Setup inbound or outbound SMS or email alerts when people check-in.

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