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Track attendance 10x faster with QR codes and custom barcodes
"Our worries about data security and compliance vanished with OneTap. It's more than a QR code; it's a comprehensive attendance solution that prioritizes our peace of mind."

Frictionless Check-in Process for...

🏋🏼 Gyms

Break free from your hefty and limited gym management software!

Swift member check-ins (Use existing barcodes, key tags, IDs), custom check-in process, delightful member experiences.
Record gym or class attendance while reducing front desk bottlenecks.

📚 Schools / Universities

Streamline campus attendance and security!

Track student attendance in or out of classrooms.
✨ Works with existing Student ID cards, check-ins at counseling offices, athletic centers, libraries, and other campus locations.

🎟️ Events

Simple event management without the hefty price tag.

Import Guestlists, create registration forms, expedite check-ins, minimize queues, and gain real-time attendee insights. Create QR passes and check-in with a single scan (works with Apple wallet).

🎨 Membership Clubs

Transform your club's member experience!

Effortlessly track check-ins, track member participation, and offer streamlined access to events. Modern, efficient, and tailored for membership excellence.

🏀 Sports Training & Coaching

Cut out the admin work from your coaching sessions.

No more paper log books. Focus more on training not admin work.
Effortless, accurate, and always at your fingertips 👆🏼

🖥️ Visitor Management

Elevate your front desk efficiency!

Swiftly check in attendees, reduce paperwork, and enhance guest experiences. Simplicity and precision, all in one scan.

From Dusk to Digital: Elevate Your Check-Ins with QR Code

🥱 The Old:

Paper Sign-in sheet

OneTap - Manual Way of Taking Attendance
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Illegible handwriting means more errors and miscommunication.
Icon - cancel icon
Time-consuming manual data entry.
Icon - cancel icon
Privacy concerns - visit records are exposed to everyone.
Icon - cancel icon
Risk of lost or damaged books.
Icon - cancel icon
Slow check-in process and longer wait times.
Icon - cancel icon
Cumbersome to extract data and analyze.
Icon - cancel icon
Inefficient organization.
better way for attendance tracking

😏 The Future:

QR Codes & Barcodes

QR Attendance App Using QR Code
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Lightning-fast check-ins, saving time for visitors and team.
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Easily integrates with existing barcodes! Yes, from other systems.
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No more deciphering handwriting.
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Enhanced data privacy and confidentiality.
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Harder to plagiarize check-in records.
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Digital storage without physical limitations.
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Easy data analysis for insights and improvements.
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Reduced wait times and shorter queues.
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Environmentally friendly, reducing paper waste.
Icon checkmark blue
Privacy - Prevent unauthorized access to books.
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Enhanced check-in process: customizations, multiple check-in options, etc.
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No vendor lock-ins! Compatible with off-the-shelf iPads*
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How It Works

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Discover Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate QR code attendance with my existing system?

Yes - Most database/membership management software vendors don't specialize in check-ins, so work on top of these apps to create an enhanced check-in experience for your members, guests, students, customers .. and other types of visitors.

How does QR code attendance work?

QR code attendance simplifies check-ins by having attendees scan their personalized QR codes upon arrival. You can setup a self-check-in kiosk or scan the pass as an admin using an iPhone or iPad.

Is barcode check-in secure?

Yes, barcode check-in enhances security by eliminating the need for paper lists and ensuring accurate attendance records.

Can I track attendance history with QR codes?

Absolutely, QR codes allow attendees to access their attendance history, empowering them with insights into their attendance.

Can I use custom barcodes for membership access?

Yes, custom barcodes are ideal for granting exclusive access to members, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

Is training required to implement a barcode check-in system?

Most users find it very intuitive and straightforward, you just need a compatible iPad.

What are technical specification for custom barcodes? What barcodes do you support?

At the time of writing, we support Code128, Code39, EAN13, UPCA, and UPCE. Learn more about the technical specifications

I’ve been Google Forms or Google Sheets, how can I migrate to OneTap?

Yes, out of the box, you can import Excel spreadsheets and turn those names into profiles.
If your import file has a column with barcode values, we will auto-code barcode passes for you!
If not, we will automatically create QR passes for everyone.

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper attendance.
Embrace a QR code check-in system that's secure and 10x faster.

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Are You Ready for Lightning-Fast Check-ins?

Student QR Attendance

Works with Existing Student ID Cards*


Import Visitors From Excel Spreadsheets


Save hours at the front desk with self-check-ins


Use iPhone or iPad as a QR scanner*


No custom hardware required*


View Attendance in Real-Time


Improve Tracking Accuracy


Improved Security & Access Control


Works with Apple Wallet

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Joseph & 30,000+ have already joined

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Elevate efficiency, leaving a lasting impression on participants while saving valuable time & resources.

“I love it, I have tried a million attendance apps out there before I found OneTap,
I see the glow in my parents’ faces"
- Segundo Saguid
Owner @ Uptempo Athletics

“Simplify my life with quick attendance”

I’m so glad to get rid of Excel, I finally found what I have been looking for! OneTap makes it easy for me to have profiles with student information, easily accessible, and take attendance quickly.

OneTap Customer Review by Jessica

Jessica S

Teacher at San Bernardino City,
Unified School District

“I see the glow in my parents’ faces”

“I love it, I have tried a million attendance apps out there, lots of them tailored towards other use-cases. This app helps our business run smoother and fits our business model.”

OneTap Featured Customer - Segundo Uptempo Athletics

Segundo Saguid

Owner of Uptempo Athletics

“Simple and easy-to-use app”

You guys have been great! Our organization loves your products. We use it for three different benefits throughout the year. So easy and straightforward!!!

OneTap customer review by Jody.  Easy and straightforward attendance app

Jody Savino

Event Manager

“Capture Student Data Easily”

We recovered $700+ in revenue using OneTap for attendance tracking, this program helps us capture student’s data more easily.

OneTap Customer 1
Errin Huey
CEO and Chief Instructor,
Soteria Training Services

“Effective and user-friendly software”

I brought this software because it was so effective, we experienced pre-k. Parents and grandparents love it because it's so user-friendly.

Image of an example OneTap customer
Doris Wilson
Teacher, ST Jerome School

“Most Simple and Powerful”

It’s going to be very difficult for us if we don’t have OneTap.

OneTap Customer Image7
Ymera Rodriguez
Forsyth Tech - Community Collage