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Best Attendance Tracker Google Sheets Add-ons

Discover The Best Google Sheets™ Add-on for Your Classroom Attendance

Ditch papers and welcome streamlined attendance tracking with powerful Google Sheets™ add-ons!

Keeping track of classroom attendance with paper attendance sheets? Here are some great Google Sheet™ add-ons you might find useful. Easily track class engagement, attendance for grading, identify “at-risk” students, and monitor student records inside the Google Sheet™ you already know.

Why Choose Attendance Tracker Add-Ons?

See how add-ons improve attendance tracking and offer powerful advantages for busy teachers.
A Teacher’s Pain with Paper Sign-in Sheets
  • Manual attendance taking: Waste of valuable class time and prone to human errors.
  • Stacks of paper attendance sheets! Scanning through paper logs for attendance records and adding them with a calculator.
  • Spotting absence trends: Quick and fast way to identifying “at-risk” students.
  • Calculating attendance for grading: Attendance records are not trusted and are not accurate or counting is lost.
  • Graduation and course attendance requirements: Failure to properly document and keep track of attendance can result in liability.
Benefits for Teachers
  • Time Savings: Automating attendance frees up time for planning, instruction, and student interaction.
  • Improved Accuracy: Eliminates error-prone manual entry for reliable student records.
  • Powerful Insights: Trend attendance analysis helps identify struggling students and provides context for their behavior.
  • Clear Tracking for Graduation: Monitor progress against graduation and course attendance requirements.
  • Easy Integration: Add-ons work seamlessly with Google Sheets™, a familiar tool for many teachers.

Top Google Sheets™ Attendance Add-ons for Teachers

Feeling overwhelmed by choosing the best Google Sheets™ attendance add-ons?
Ditch the guesswork and find the right fit for your classroom with our comprehensive comparison guide.
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The Top Attendance Tracker Add-Ons

1. Attendance Tracker by OneTap

Say goodbye to manual sign-in sheets and time-consuming calculations. This smart attendance tracker streamlines the entire process with pre-populated sign-in sheets and multiple marking options customized to your preferences and tracks student performance quickly with real-time attendance analytics.
Imagine the time you will save – the precious time you can now invest in analyzing attendance trends to support student engagement, enhance class performance, and quickly spot students who are at risk and may need extra help.
Attendnace Tracker AddOn by OneTap
Download Attendance Tracker By OneTap For Google Workspace
Free and easy to use.
Pre-populate attendance data quickly.
Auto marking of attendance.
Summary columns.
Color-coded data.
View student attendance summaries visually on pie charts.
Simple and easy to start but not the best for advanced use-cases.
No integration as of yet with other apps like Google Classroom™.
Brandi from Gonzaga University
I have tried other attendance apps. You are like Zoom compared to Skype 🚀
- Brandi Estrada, Gonzaga University School of Law

2. Attendance Tracker by Deepak Lohia

A feature-rich and user-friendly option with automatic date header creation, various attendance mark options, and auto-calculated totals. Great for basic to moderate tracking needs.
Attendance Tracker AddOn by Deepak
Download Attendance Tracker By Deepak Lohia For Google Workspace
Free and simple.
Automatic attendance marking.
No visuals of attendance summary (graphs or charts).
No attendance summary columns.
‍No custom date ranges for autocreate headers.
"It is easy to take attendance and effective for my staff registration."

3. Classroom Attendance Tracker

Specifically designed for Google Classroom™, it automates attendance form creation and collects submissions from students. Ideal for remote learning or classroom environments.
Classroom Attendance Tracker AddOn
Download Classroom Attendance Tracker By Michael Bollati For Google Workspace
Integrates with Google Classroom™.
Automates form creation and data collection.
Limited to Google Classroom™ usage, not as customizable as other options.
"I like this, it is helpful to manage students in the classroom."

Final Thought

Ready to elevate your attendance tracking experience? Choose the for your needs and witness the transformation in your workflow.
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