How does OneTap work?

Create a check-in process with public QR codes, check-in links, visitor QR code passes, and setup an iPad self check-in kiosk with OneTap!

Import or Create Profiles

OneTap profile is a unique visitor record.
Use it for student, member, guest, visitor, customer, or employee records.

Import names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, birthdays, age, student numbers, and other custom headers from Excel.

Create custom fields for membership types, birthdays, age, and more.

OneTap profile/visitor record on the dashboard
Digital attendance, sign-in list on the OneTap dashboard

Create a List

Lists are like paper sheets used for attendance or visitor logs.
Use it for attendance lists, visitor logs, guest lists, and sign-in sheets.

Need a repeating list?
Set up a recurring schedule for your list, our system will auto-create a new list daily or weekly.
Use it for classes, daily sign-ins, and multiple-day events.

Touch-less Check-in

Visitors can self check-in using different methods.

  • Scan a Public QR Code on any mobile device (Works on Android and iOS).
    Print a list's (or recurring list's) QR code from our dashboard. QR code stays the same for recurring lists.
  • Share a Public Check-in Link (Works on Android, iOS, PC, Mac).
    Share a list's (or recurring list's) check-in link from our dashboard. Link stays the same for recurring lists.
  • Text to check in with our Toll-free SMS.
    Print or share our 1-800 number and your list's check-in code with visitors.
QR code check-in with OneTap digital check-in app

Self Check-in

Turn an iPad tablet into a self check-in kiosk.

Customize it with your brand colors and logo. Add your welcome message, instructions, and customize the input boxes.

Kiosk check-in, visitor management OneTap digital check-in app
QR visitor passes with OneTap app

Share QR Passes

Share a visitor's QR code pass via text or email. QR passes are unique to each visitor, scan upon arrival for faster check-in.

Works with Apple Wallet on iPhones.

Admin Check-ins

Check-in visitors on the iPhone and iPad app. Add existing visitor profiles from your database or create new visitor profiles on the fly.

Admins can also perform check-ins on the online dashboard.

Admin check-in app by OneTap

View Attendance and Download Reports

OneTap check-in, attendance reports

Download reports

Download detailed reports on all visitors checked-in, when, and where.
Get aggregate attendance totals, time in-between, and more.

OneTap visitor, profile attendance history

View attendance

Look up a visitor's attendance total on our iOS app and dashboard.

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