2x Faster Visitor Check-Ins with Simple and Free Attendance Tracker

Create a simple, quick, do-it-yourself check-in process that’s 2x faster than paper sign-in sheets!

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Visitor Attendance App that Eliminates Manual Work for Teams

It's time to simplify attendance management with
lightning-fast, do-it-yourself check-ins

📚 Classes

Enable swift, frictionless check-in and minimize queues with precise student identification to eliminate plagiarism.

🎟️ Events

Less friction and line-ups at entry points, enhancing event experiences right from the start.

🏋🏼 Gyms

Empower members with a fast self-check-in tool that saves time, and front desk labor. It’s easy to start! Just print a OneTap QR code on the wall.

🎨 Membership Clubs

Ensure faster access for your visitors, and save time and human labor at the front desk while improving member loyalty - with Apple Wallet QR passes.
Make your brand memorable, create an amazing visitor experience.
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Joseph & 30,000+ have already joined

Cut Your Work in Half and Boost Your Productivity with OneTap Visitor Check-in App

Let visitors do self-check-in for a more efficient process, reducing your admin responsibilities and ensuring a faster arrival experience.

2X Faster Check-ins

We're breaking the long line-ups today. You can let your visitors skip the line at the front desk - so they jump right into the next class, meeting, or event.
Experience a new level of speed and simplicity
  • The Visitor App remembers visitor's profile.
  • No more manual searches.
  • Works with existing OneTap QR codes!
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Faster Visitor Check-in App
attendance history on the visitor app

Engaging Visitor Journey

Reduce the back-and-forth emails and texts from visitors asking for attendance history. Make your attendees feel more connected to your organization.
Let your visitor view their participation journey by
  • Viewing their check-in history, and coming soon - leaderboards and streaks!
  • Subscribing to text message alerts.
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Accurate and Insightful Data Management

Effortlessly track check-ins and dive into comprehensive analytics with our simple attendance tracking system.
Maintain the integrity of visitor data by creating a check-in process that makes it more difficult to falsify sign-ins. I.e., it's harder to check in for another person.
  • Eliminate plagiarism and capture authentic visitor attendance data - the app remembers a visitor profile for repeat check-ins.
  • Implement check-in restrictions - with time and location. So for example, students cannot check-in from home.
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track visitor check-ins
customize visitor check-ins with visitor app

Personalized Brand Experience

Engage visitors beyond the visit, cultivating community and loyalty through a personalized experience.
Make visitors feel recognized, honored, and essential to your event/organization with
  • Welcome messages
  • Logo
  • Surveys
  • Passes in Apple Wallet (with your logo)
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Student QR Attendance

Less Friction, More Speed

Student QR Attendance

Enhanced Engagement

Student QR Attendance

Accuracy that You Can Trust

Student QR Attendance

Personalization at Its Best

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Joseph & 30,000+ have already joined

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The Best Reasons to Use OneTap!

Step into Enhanced Visitor Management with Visitor Check-in Features


Swift and Simple Check-Ins

Give attendees the ability to check in themselves with just “one tap”.


Data Accuracy

Trust in a system that prevents data plagiarism and enriches your insights with location and device data.


Engaging & Fun

Lower the communication overhead and let your attendees dive into their attendance history!


Personalized to You:

Expose your branding and check-in instructions, and craft a check-in experience that's uniquely you.

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Joseph & 30,000+ have already joined
“I love it, I have tried a million attendance apps out there before I found OneTap,
I see the glow in my parents’ faces."
- Segundo Saguid
Owner @ Uptempo Athletics

“Simplify my life with quick attendance”

I’m so glad to get rid of Excel, I finally found what I have been looking for! OneTap makes it easy for me to have profiles with student information, easily accessible, and take attendance quickly.

OneTap Customer Review by Jessica

Jessica S

Teacher at San Bernardino City,
Unified School District

“Simple and easy-to-use app”

You guys have been great! Our organization loves your products. We use it for three different benefits throughout the year. So easy and straightforward!!!

OneTap customer review by Jody.  Easy and straightforward attendance app

Jody Savino

Event Manager

“Capture Student Data Easily”

We recovered $700+ in revenue using OneTap for attendance tracking, this program helps us capture student’s data more easily.

OneTap Customer 1
Errin Huey
CEO and Chief Instructor,
Soteria Training Services

“Effective and user-friendly software”

I brought this software because it was so effective, we experienced pre-k. Parents and grandparents love it because it's so user-friendly.

Image of an example OneTap customer
Doris Wilson
Teacher, ST Jerome School

“Most Simple and Powerful”

It’s going to be very difficult for us if we don’t have OneTap.

OneTap Customer Image7
Ymera Rodriguez
Forsyth Tech - Community Collage
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Joseph & 30,000+ have already joined

Discover Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

How does attendance tracking work in the Visitor Check-in App?

Visitors download an app on their iPhone or Android devices. The QR code you provide them will allow them to check-in once, and then the app will remember who they are for subsequent check-ins. This makes the check-in process much easier and faster.

What insights can I gain from the attendance tracker about my visitors?

Monitor the number of visitor check-ins, the lists they check-in into, and additional demographic data using the custom fields feature. Get an in-depth attendance analysis for each visitor.

How secure is the data collected through the OneTap Visitor App?

We use industry-standard security to protect your account, such as encrypted passwords, end-to-end secure HTTPS connections, secure sessions, and Google OAuth login. Our servers and databases are located in the United States North East Region.

How does OneTap enhance visitor engagement?

The check-in process makes it easier for visitors, reducing barriers and friction. As a result, it becomes the preferred method for visitors to sign in when they enter your events, classes, buildings, and so on via your front desk.

Can the OneTap app be used for various organizations and events?

Absolutely! OneTap Visitor app is versatile and effectively utilized across various sectors, including events, educational institutions, non-profits, and organizations looking to streamline visitor management and enhance engagement.

Is this user-friendly for people not tech-savvy?

Designed for visitors, ensuring the simple check-in process takes only a few clicks/taps at most.

Can I get real-time updates on check-ins with OneTap Visitor Check-in?

Absolutely! Real-time updates in OneTap provide instant data on all check-ins, ensuring seamless management and coordination.

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Joseph & 30,000+ have already joined

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