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Create a flexible check-in process, and track class attendance in minutes – it's that easy. Easily see who attended and how often, ensuring clear student attendance records.

Determine which students have low attendance rates

Run student & class reports in a snap

Create a 15-second check-in process

Stay on top of accreditation requirements

Run accurate attendance reports

Easy for teachers and effortless for students

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Gonzaga Law Dept uses OneTap to capture and organize class atttendance

Use Cases

Simplify Every Class Attendance

Math Class Daily Attendance by OneTap Check-in App

Math Classes

Science Lab Attendance

Science Lab

foreign language workshop


Social Studies Student Attendance Tracking

Social Studies

guest lecturer by onetap attendance app

Capstone Projects

Guest Lecture Attendance Tracking

Guest Lectures

Business management

Business & Management


Legal Studies

Healthcare Classes


IT Certificate Courses

IT Certification

finance and accounting seminars

Finance and Accounting

leadership management by OneTap

Leadership Development Program

Project Scheduling & Budgeting

Project Scheduling and Budgeting

Employee Onboarding Process

Employee Onboarding Best Practices

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

track attendance for yoga classes

Yoga Classes

Ballet Classes Check-in

Ballet Fitness

Gym members attendance tracking


weight training sessions with attendance app

Weight Training

Strength Training

pilate classes

Pilates Classes

piano lessons

Piano Lessons

choir practice

Choir Practice

painting class attendance

Painting Class

Pottery Sculpture class attendace


Sewing Classes


basketball game class attendance


Class attendance for martial arts

Martial Arts and Combat

Soccure Tournament Check-in

Soccer Tournament

swimming class

Swimming Class

Youth Golf Club Check-in

Youth Golf Camps

Track and field student attendance

Track and Field

Cooking Classes

Cooking and Baking




Mindfulness and Meditation

book club

Book Club

gardening workshops


Streamline Class Attendance with Ease, Say Goodbye to Messy Sign-In Sheets

Are manual records taking up too much time? Are you having difficulty keeping attendance Excel sheets accurate and up-to-date?

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Ensure students are in class and safe during school hours.

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Keep parents informed of their child’s attendance status.

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Identify chronic absenteeism early to improve student grades.

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Maintain precise records for academic purposes.

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Boost student accountability and engagement.

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Save teachers up to 2 hours weekly with automated attendance.

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Meet attendance thresholds for financial aid and accreditation.

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Monitor and encourage student engagement in classes.

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Identify at-risk students to improve performance.

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Efficiently track attendance in large lecture halls and multiple classes.

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Ensure student attendance data is securely stored and managed.

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Ensure children are present and safe, especially during transitions.

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Provide parents with updates on their child’s attendance and participation.

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Meet attendance benchmarks for program funding and grants.

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Encourage consistent attendance to maximize program benefits.

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Manage accurate billing based on attendance records.

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Optimize class sizes and track progress.

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Foster creativity with reliable tracking.

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Minimize admin tasks and maximize activity time.

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Showcase growth with detailed reports.

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Streamline class management and boost member engagement.

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Enhance retention with attendance tracking.

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Optimize schedules for maximum participation.

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Motivate with personalized progress reports.

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Monitor participation and manage team rosters.

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Meet attendance for player eligibility.

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Enhance training with attendance trends.

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Improve team communication with real-time updates.

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1000's are already using OneTap to ensure their classes stay organized, reduced errors & manual workload, and meet ABA requirements.

Enable 2X Faster Student Check-ins with Advanced Class Attendance System

Designed to simplify and automate your math, physics, jiu-jitsu, music, and more classes in just 5 minutes.

Streamline daily class attendance - Get Students to Classroom faster

Efficiently manage attendance with OneTap versatile check-in options. It ensures a seamless process for teachers and students, from admin check-ins to QR code scans.

Discover how you can save time and improve accuracy using our innovative check-in methods.
Admin Check-In with a Single Tap
Teachers or attendance staff can check in students instantly with just a single tap, saving time and reducing manual entry errors.
Quick QR Code Scans
Students simply scan a QR code for instant check-in, making the process fast and contactless.
Photo Check-Ins
Utilize photo check-ins to add a visual verification layer, ensuring accurate attendance records.
Signature Check-Ins
Students can sign in digitally, providing a secure and verifiable attendance method.
Unique Check-In Codes
Use unique check-in codes for each student to ensure accurate and individualized attendance tracking.
Individual QR Passes
Provide students personalized QR passes for quick and easy check-ins, enhancing security and convenience.
Visitor App for Direct Student Check-In
Students can download the visitor app to check in directly. The visitor app remembers their last check-in for even faster processing in future classes or sessions.
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simplify class attendance
attendance reports by onetap

Gain Insights with Comprehensive Attendance Analytics

Harness the power of detailed attendance analytics to enhance student success and streamline administrative processes.

Attendance reports help you to identify student success, spot potential issues early, and make informed decisions to support your educational goals.
Identify Students at Risk
Easily pinpoint students with low attendance and intervene early to offer support and resources.
Look Up Student Attendance History
Access detailed attendance records for individual students to understand patterns and inform discussions with parents and educators.
Track Class Participation Rates
Monitor attendance rates across different classes and identify subjects with lower engagement, allowing for targeted interventions.
Analyze Trends Over Time
Visualize attendance trends over weeks, months, or semesters to identify long-term patterns and assess the effectiveness of attendance policies.
Generate Custom Reports
Create tailored reports to meet specific administrative needs, including state reporting requirements and internal reviews.
Improve Resource Allocation
Use attendance data to optimize the allocation of resources, such as assigning additional support to classes with high absenteeism.
Enhance Parent-Teacher Communication
Share detailed attendance reports with parents to keep them informed and engaged in their child's academic progress.
Evaluate Program Effectiveness
Assess the impact of extracurricular programs and initiatives by tracking participation and attendance rates.
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Eliminate Proxy Attendance with Advanced Tracking

Say goodbye to proxy attendance with our advanced tracking features, ensuring each student's presence is accurately recorded and authenticated.

Ensure authenticity and accuracy in attendance that the right students are present in the class at the right time, providing you with reliable and accurate attendance data.
Accurate Attendance Data
Get precise and trustworthy attendance records that reflect true student presence, eliminating the inaccuracies caused by proxy check-ins.
Location-Based Tracking
Confirms the student’s physical presence within the campus or classroom area, preventing off-site check-ins using IP Address Verification.
Device Verification
Track the specific devices used for check-ins, with each check-in tied to a unique device name, making it harder for students to check in for their friends.
Home vs. Classroom Check-Ins
Identify if a student is attempting to check in from home or any unauthorized location, ensuring they are actually attending the class.
Secure QR Code and Check-In Code Usage
Utilize secure QR codes and unique check-in codes that are difficult to replicate, ensuring only the intended students can check-in.
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Check-in restriction with OneTap attendance app
Add collaborators for attendance tracking

Collaboration Made Simple

Tracking attendance for multiple classes using separate Excel or Google Sheets is time-consuming and inefficient.
By adding all teachers or staff responsible for attendance tracking as collaborators on a single dashboard, you can distribute responsibilities, enhance efficiency, and maintain consistent attendance records throughout your institution.
Here's the Simple Way to Make It Happen:
1. Add Collaborators:
Invite team members to collaborate to help all teachers track daily class attendance without maintaining multiple paper sign-in sheets or spreadsheets.
2. Monitor Activity:
Track each student's attendance across different classes by collaborators to ensure accountability and transparency.
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Seamless API Integration

Integrate your attendance system with other platforms to streamline operations and enhance data accuracy.
By integrating seamlessly with your existing platforms, we empower you to streamline attendance management with:
Easy API Setup:
Our REST API connects OneTap with your school management system (LMS), ensuring smooth data flow.
JotForm Integration:
Capture attendance data directly through JotForm, simplifying data collection and eliminating manual entry.
Take advantage of our powerful APIs, which are included with our custom and enterprise plans.
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Seamless integration with attendance app

Hidden Benefits: Why Attendance Data is Essential for Institution Success

Enhance Parent Trust

Provide parents with reliable and timely attendance data, building trust in the institution.

Increase Student Enrollment

Showcase your institution's commitment to maintaining high attendance standards and attracting more students.

Measure Program Effectiveness

Track attendance to evaluate the impact of educational interventions or the success of healthcare and wellness programs.

OneTap Attendance App

Set up, add profiles, and track attendance data from any device, streamlining class attendance - No IT team is required.

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Best Attendance Tracker App OneTap
Case Study

How Gonzaga University Transformed Attendance Tracking Using a Simple App

The Gonzaga University aimed to streamline attendance tracking, improve data accuracy, and meet ABA requirements through a centralized, user-friendly attendance system.

The Challenge:

Gonzaga University faced challenges with a time-consuming and error-prone attendance tracking system that relied on paper sign-in sheets and disparate spreadsheets. This led to frustration among students and faculty and a lack of reliable, real-time data.

Manual Sign-in Sheets:

Reliance on paper sign-in sheets and timecards could have been more efficient and error-prone.

Lack of Centralization:

Each professor tracked attendance individually, leading to inconsistencies and a lack of accountability.

New ABA Rules:

The university needed to ensure accurate student attendance tracking.

Faculty Challenges:

Professors struggled with proxy attendance and manual data entry.
Paper sign-in sheet for attendance

Before OneTap:

Before adopting OneTap, the university's attendance tracking involved:
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Paper Sign-In Sheets:
Tracking student attendance using manual entry sheets. Later, a dedicated person spent 2-3 hours manually transferring the data from paper to a spreadsheet daily.
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Outlook Invites:
Professors created invites and pasted check-in links.
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High Administrative Burden:
Managing multiple spreadsheets and manual records took time and effort.

After OneTap:

Implementing OneTap revolutionized Gonzaga University's attendance tracking:

Make the Complex, Simpler

See how the Gonzaga University School of Law uses simple attendance tracking to streamline class attendance.

Simplified Daily Class Attendance using OneTap

Simple Check-In Links

Students check in using public check-in links or QR code scans using their phones,.

OneTap for Professors

Faculty can easily mark attendance with a single tap.

Universal Links

All courses are accessible through a single link.

Location Verification:

Ensures compliance with ABA rules by verifying in-person presence and avoiding proxy check-ins by using accurate location & device restrictions.
class attendance tracking with QR code

The Result

The implementation of OneTap led to:

95% Reduction in Errors

Manual data entry errors were virtually eliminated.

20+ Hours Saved Weekly

Significant time savings for both staff and faculty.

Full ABA Compliance

Effortlessly met all attendance tracking requirements.

Improved Accountability

Real-time data increased transparency and facilitated timely interventions.

Streamlined Operations

Eliminated the need for multiple spreadsheets and manual processes.

Enhanced Student Experience

Simplified check-in process made it easier for students to comply with attendance protocols.
"I have tried other attendance apps. You are like Zoom compared to Skype." 🚀
Brandi from Gonzaga University
Brandi Estrada,
Gonzaga University School of Law
See how easy it is

👋🏼 Say goodbye to paper sheets

Transforming Attendance like Gonzaga University Law School

Gonzaga University's experience shows how OneTap revolutionizes class attendance tracking, making it efficient, accurate, user-friendly, and compliant.
OneTap Check-in App and Attendance Tracker

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How to Start Tracking Class Attendance in Just a Few Clicks

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Power-Packed Features to Meet All Your Class Attendance Tracking Needs

Real-Time Data Analytics
User-Friendly Interface
Customizable Check-In Options
QR Code Scanning
Barcode Integration
Digital Passes
Interactive Kiosks
automated attendance app for students
Mobile Compatibility
Custom Branding
API Integration
access attendance records on multiple device by onetap
Multi-Device Compatibility
Icon of location - OneTap attendance app tracks checkin location
Location and Time Tracking
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Why Most Schools, Universities, and Collages are Choosing OneTap for their Class Attendance Solution

Teachers Love its Simplicity

Get up and running in 5 minutes with our intuitive interface – no IT experience required.

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Expert Support

Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any questions or issues.

Flexible & Customizable

Tailor OneTap to your specific needs with multiple attendance tracking methods and customizable reports.

Data Security and Privacy

Your data is our top priority. We adhere to the strictest security measures and comply with all relevant privacy regulations.

Mobile-first Design

OneTap's user-friendly mobile app, designed for teachers and administrators alike, allows you to track attendance on the go.

one tap icon for api integration

Seamless Integration

Easily connect OneTap with your existing school systems (SIS, LMS, etc.) for a smooth, unified experience.

Proven Result

31000+ schools and individuals worldwide trust the OneTap attendance app to streamline their attendance management.

Cost Effective

Choose a pricing plan that fits your attendance goal, and start with a free to see the difference OneTap can make.

Every Teacher Should Shift from Paper Sign-in Sheet to OneTap Attendance App

old way to track attendance


Traditional Class Attendance Challenges

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Roll Call Chaos: Each class starts with a time-consuming chorus of "Here!" and "Present!" – a drain on valuable instruction time.
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Paper Trail Nightmare: Lost sign-in sheets, illegible handwriting, and misfiled records create a chaotic mess of attendance data.
Icon - cancel icon
Time Thief: Teachers spend countless minutes manually recording attendance, taking away from lesson preparation and student interaction.
Icon - cancel icon
Error-Prone Process: Human error is inevitable with manual attendance tracking, leading to inaccurate records and potential reporting problems.
Icon - cancel icon
Student Privacy at Risk: Paper sign-in sheets expose sensitive student information, raising concerns about confidentiality and data protection.
better way for attendance tracking
old way to track attendance


✅ Streamlined Class Attendance with OneTap

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Instant Digital Check-In: Students seamlessly check themselves in with QR codes or unique passes, saving valuable class time.
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Paperless Paradise: Eliminate clutter and confusion with a digital attendance log that's always accessible and backed up.
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Save Time: Automate attendance tracking and reporting, freeing up teachers to focus on what truly matters – teaching and learning.
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Accuracy Guaranteed:  Eliminate human error with precise, digital records that ensure accurate attendance reporting.
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Precision in Every Check-In: Say goodbye to errors with a system fine-tuned for accuracy with every tap.
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Fortress-Level Data Security: Safeguard student data with OneTap's robust security measures and compliance with privacy regulations.
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