Taephoon Martial Arts Academy uses OneTap to keep track of students coming to class.

Taephoon Martial Arts Academy tracks student attendance using a fun check-in process powered by OneTap.

Claudia, the owner, tried taking attendance on paper sign-in sheets for two years. Turns out getting kids to put a "1" next to their name is hard. Even after she got kids to successfully do it, the work to tally up attendance pilled up on her desk.

The challenge:
Keeping track of attendance, while making the process fun!

“We need to keep track of how many classes a student has left”

Claudia, the owner of Taephoon Martial Arts Academy, runs Taekwondo and Judo classes on different days and times for kids. Her business needs to keep track of attendance for each student, this way she knows who has how many classes left. Students pay upfront for a number of classes (sessions) or a la carte for each class. 

For many business owners, it’s fun to sell passes but it comes with the boring and busy work of keeping track of passes left.

Without an accurate attendance count. Without this, there’s no way to manage passes.
Not managing passes accurately leads to lost in business revenue and miscommunication with customers.

“It has to be fun”

Claudia also wants the classes to be fun, kids have so much enthusiasm and energy coming into each class. They are ready to throw their arms and legs up into the air and scream. Any process that is boring or cumbersome is going to take away from the spirit of the class.

“I need to download reports, without tallying count across sheets of papers”

Claudia needs to quickly view reports that can show her student attendance summaries, classes they visited, and individual logs. Without this information, she is in the dark about how her business is performing and the most fundamental questions -
Who’s visited?
How many times?
For which classes?

“I also need to keep track of parents and visitors during COVID”

Australia requires businesses to keep logs of visitors for emergency COVID-19 contact tracing. Claudia needs to quickly and effortlessly keep records of parent visitors, i.e keep a sign-in sheet to keep everyone healthy and safe from COVID and stay compliant with the local laws. 

Paper stack

How was Claudia doing it before?

“I tried what everyone else does - Paper sign-in sheets”

Paper and pencil sheets created lots of work. First, you have to find a template, then modify the dates, and print it out each day or week.
Claudia, being a passionate business owner, wants to make the process fun!
When kids walk in, they are super excited and energetic. It’s hard to get them to follow a bunch of rules like pick up the pencil, find your name, put a check next to today’s date for the correct class.

The whole process involves so much oversight and is prone to inaccurate data. After it’s all set and done, there’s the whole back-office work of tallying up columns and subtracting the passes.

Business should be fun, It’s easy to see that paper sign-in sheets create so much admin work.

“I tried other solutions, none of them worked for me”

Claudia tried another attendance app called “Attendance”, the app did not fit her needs and it came with no support.
However, this did not stop her from exploring more digital check-in and attendance apps on the AppStore. 
She knew even five-year-olds know how to tap in, rather than a sign-in sheet.

The solution:
An iPad check-in app that has a fun check-in process that exports powerful reports.

“I hear the kids shouting: "You are all set!", it's so cute.”

The OneTap iPad app shows a beautiful list of kids' names, along with their pictures. The pictures make the check-in process faster.

Most kids know how to use iPads, they also speed through the
check-in process by searching for their name. 

Once they find their name or photo, they hit the check-in button.

After that, the student sees a list of classes that are going on today. 
They just select the class they are coming in for. 
Then, the iPad plays a sound and shows a confirmation message: “You are all set!”

Kids have so much fun seeing that, you will hear them shouting “You are all set!” It’s so cute to see the whole thing in action.

That’s it, check-in is complete.

OneTap iOS app for iPad in kiosk mode.
OneTap analytics - see what classes are popular

“Before the class, I can glance at my iPad and see there are 15 kids checked-in”

With the OneTap iPhone and iPad app, you can instantly see analytics on how many people are checking-in, and what percentage of your class is present.

“As a bonus, I can also check-in parents”

Claudia created a separate account for parents, and set up daily sign-in sheets. Similar to kids, she asks parents to check-in when they arrive.

The Results:

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Improve operational efficiency

Start classes faster -

  • Saved time on check-ins.
  • Reduced manual labor and instructions required on check-ins.
  • Faster check-ins, eliminate line-ups.
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Build powerful reports

Download reports -

  • Download attendance summaries in Excel.
  • Identify who has visited, how many times.
  • Identify how many passes a student has left.
  • Keep track of passes & memberships using custom fields.
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Better customer experience

Leave students and visitors with a good impression -

  • Delight visitors with iPad.
  • Brand the kiosk, customize with your colors.
  • Play sounds, customize pre and post check-in messages.
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Improve health and safety

Reduced business liability -

  • Audit who has visited, and when.
  • Pull reports, in the event of COVID outbreak.
  • Stay compliant with local laws and regulations.