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tylers dream solution

Youth360 - Building connections

Youth360 is a non-profit organization, located in Alaska, that provides mental health and substance abuse support to kids after school.

Youth360 hosts regular meetings for kids after school and holds open community events. To foster engagement, the organization collects contact information from attendees and invites them to regular meetings.

Non-profit organizations need to write grant reports because these reports demonstrate the organization's responsible stewardship of funds and help maintain transparency with grantors. They provide a comprehensive overview of how the funds were utilized, their impact, and the progress of the project funded by the grant.

Metrics like member attendance are crucial in these reports as they provide quantifiable evidence of engagement and participation, showing how many people were directly involved or benefited from the program. Demonstrating engagement is essential as it illustrates the reach and effectiveness of a program and the organization.

The overall success and sustainability of non-profits often hinge on their ability to effectively communicate their achievements and impact, and grant reports serve as a critical tool in this process.

The objectives (metrics):

  • Total number of members who attended our programs.
  • Average daily attendance.
  • Highly engaged members; Youth who attended 15 days or more.
  • Decision making; Which programs & services have high turn-outs.

How was it done before?

Previously, Tyler and the volunteers used paper sign-in sheets to record attendance data. Here's how they did it:

manual sign-in sheet

Printing sign-in sheet: Students coming in for counseling or wellness support sign in on a paper sheet, which is manually collected by a volunteer. Relies on manual tracking by volunteers which can lead to errors and inconsistencies in data collection.

manual report generation

Manual report generation: Tyler generates a report by manually inputting data from the sign-in sheets, which provides a basic view of who has checked in and for which program or event. It is time-consuming and prone to errors. Generating reports manually can affect data accuracy and reliability.

data clean-up

Data clean-up: After generating the report, Tyler manually cleans up the data by sorting and filtering out everything not relevant to his program to get a more detailed view of attendance by group or activity. This ensures accurate and meaningful data. But it is a tedious and time-consuming task, which can be prone to errors and lead to inaccuracies in the data.

pivot tables

Pivot tables: Tyler uses pivot tables to analyze the data for looking at attendance average, total & check-ins. It requires a lot of time to create manually. As a result, he was unable to focus on other significant tasks.

manual analysis

Manual analysis: Tyler analyzes the data manually, identifying basic trends and tracking progress. Analyzing a pattern that is prone to errors takes a lot of time, which can have an impact on data accuracy and reliability. All this leads to low confidence in decision making.

manual reporting

Reporting: Tyler generates monthly internal and quarterly grant reports. These reports show the unique participants coming in each month and quarter, as well as the average daily attendance and engagement metrics. This information is essential for securing grants and demonstrating program impact. This is an error-prone task that can take away valuable time from program operations and impact funding eligibility.

Tyler's dream solution

Tyler's dream solution is an automated system that tracks attendance and generates reports. This would allow him to save time and allocate resources more efficiently.

Finally, they switched to the OneTap Attendance Tracker and Check-in app.

tylers dream solution

The Youth360 non-profit organization overcame these challenges by switching to an online attendance tracking & reporting system. With OneTap, they get a more accurate and detailed view of program participation and impact.

With OneTap, they could generate timely and accurate reports that helped them secure grants, improve program effectiveness, and provide better support to the young people in Alaska who need it most.

"To improve grant applications, we need to identify how many people attended our programs"

Tyler Youth360
Tyler Healy,
Director at Youth360

The Solution: OneTap In Action

Tyler says thanks to OneTap’s comprehensive attendance tracking and reporting solution, Youth360 has achieved several key outcomes with OneTap:

engagement metrics

Easy Tracking: Streamline attendance tracking by utilizing OneTap's check-in app on an iPad, turning it into a self-service kiosk at their events. Automates the process, ensures accuracy, efficiency, and it's way better visitor experience.

engagement metrics

Improved engagement metrics: By tracking attendance and engagement, the Youth360 organization has gained a better understanding of how many people they interact with and how often they come in. They can now measure their engagement metrics, like average daily check-ins, and use this information to improve their outreach and support efforts.

accurate grant reporting

Accurate grant reporting: With monthly internal and quarterly grant reports, the organization can provide accurate data on program participation and impact to funders and stakeholders. This has helped them secure grants and demonstrate their effectiveness.

detail insight reports

Detailed insights: With detailed attendance data, the Youth360 organization has identified trends, tracked progress, and made data-driven decisions about how to allocate resources. For example, they can identify the most popular programs or events and allocate more resources to them.

increased impact with onetap

Increased impact: By tracking attendance and engagement, they have demonstrated their impact on the community. They can now say with confidence that they have interacted with X number of unique people in a given quarter and impacted over Y number of people in total. This has helped them build credibility and trust with their stakeholders and supporters.

Overall, the OneTap attendance tracking and reporting solution has been a game-changer for Youth360. By providing them with accurate and comprehensive data on program participation and impact, it has enabled them to improve their outreach, support, and overall effectiveness.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the implementation of a OneTap - attendance tracking & check-in app has helped the Youth360 non-profit organization improve their outreach, support, and impact.

By accurately tracking program participation and engagement, they can make data-driven decisions and demonstrate their effectiveness to funders and stakeholders.

With improved accuracy and timeliness of grant reporting, they can secure funding and maintain their operations. Overall, the OneTap attendance tracker has been a vital solution to their efforts to support young people in Alaska with mental health and substance abuse issues. This has enabled them to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

"OneTap helps us understand how many people our organization impacts"

Tyler Youth360
Tyler Healy,
Director at Youth360
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