Create a student dismissal process

Who is this for?
We are for school staff who are ...

  • Looking for a system to track parents who have arrived to pick up their children.
  • Looking to implement additional social distancing measures this year during the dismissal process.
  • Looking to streamline the parent check-in process with parents checking in on their own mobile device.
Collaborators using OneTap inside an organization
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What can OneTap do?
Public QR code generated on OneTap

Exhibit A - QR codes

  • Print out large QR codes that can be scanned by parents at a checkpoint.
  • Works on all iPhones and most android smartphones without installing any other apps.
  • How to use this?
    A. Print our QR codes and post them at checkpoints.
    B. Parents pull-up in their vehicle and scan the QR code one a time.
    C. They will be taken to our check-in page (shown below).

Exhibit B - Check-in links

  • Create a daily touch-less check-in process by sharing self-check-in links with parents.
  • Send the check-in link once and parents can reuse it daily.
    Check-in links can be bookmarked, added to home screen, or kept in a email/message thread.
  • Works on all iPhones and most android smartphones without installing any other apps.
  • How to use this?
    A. Parents open the link (from their email, text, or by scanning a QR code).
    B. They search for their name from a dropdown list, and check-in!
OneTap public check-in link displayed on an iPhone
icon privacy data security

Exhibit D - Privacy matters

We value data privacy, therefore ...

  • We will never sell or market your data.
  • You may choose to use family names instead.
  • You may hide dropdown of names that appear on the check-in link to prevent unwanted persons from viewing this information.
  • We respect all student & parent imported int our system that falls under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • We serve trusted educational institutions and enterprises.

Exhibit C - Surveys

Need more details from parents? We've got that covered too ...

  • Ask parents survey questions during the check-in process.
  • Example:
    Where are you parked?
    John and Elm street.

    (P.S. You can provide dropdown options so it's fast to answer).
  • Example II:
    Which checkpoint are you at?
    Orange checkpoint.
  • Like before, this works on all iPhones and most android smartphones without installing any other apps. It's just a website link.
OneTap check-in survey questionnaire
OneTap iPad app in behind the desk mode

Exhibit E - OneTap app

We have an admin iPad and iPhone app that helps you ...

  • View check-ins in real time! (Like Google docs)
  • See who's checked-in, sort by check-in time.
  • See where they checked-in; the GPS location.
  • See custom survey question answers.
  • Any other custom fields associated with the parent.
    Custom fields can save details such as:
    Contact number, Emergency contact, Authorized pickup, etc.

Exhibit F - Reports & collaboration

  • Works on multiple devices at the same time.
  • Add multiple staff members to our organization's account.
  • Download excel reports with all check-in data.
  • Download aggregate reports with total check-ins, time between check-in and check-out.
Analytics on OneTap dashboard

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OneTap provides an efficient, modern, and time-saving attendance taking process.

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