Student check-ins made simple for schools

Student check-ins made simple

OneTap’s digital check-in app helps schools cut down on manual labor, save time and create a check-in process.

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Ditch paper and pencil sign-in sheets

Track student attendance, generate comprehensive reports, sync records with Excel, tailor your check-in process and keep students safe during COVID.

Easy student attendance tracking for schools

Easy attendance tracking

Ditch paper and pencil sign-in sheets. Check-in, check-out and track time in-between using our web dashboard or mobile check-in app.

Create student profiles or import student records from existing Excel spreadsheets. Attendance can be taken simultaneously on multiple devices and synced with our web dashboard

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Go touchless during COVID-19

Avoid lineups and keep your classrooms sanitary during COVID-19 with touchless check-ins.

Create, print or share individual QR code passes with students.

Create, print or share a self check-in link for your classroom, students can scan classroom QR codes using any smartphone camera.

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Touchless QR tracing to create safer schools and classrooms
School attendance reports at you fingertips

Reports at your fingertips

Deciphering bad handwritings is a thing of the past; View student attendance records and download aggregate attendance reports in Excel format.

Add multiple team members to your account. Attendance records are saved forever on the cloud, accessible anytime, and anywhere.

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Tailor your check-in process

Boost student attendance accountability; Ask students to sign their name, initial, or fill out a survey as part of the check-in process.

Set up a customized and branded classroom kiosk with our iPad app.

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Student check-in phone app

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There are lots of full-fledged software and apps with dozens of modules and hundreds of features. We're just focused on doing one thing really well - check-ins!

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