Membership Management

OneTap helps membership organizations understand who is visiting their space when they visit, and why they visit.

How OneTap Helps

OneTap improves organization and membership tracking by making check-ins easier than ever before.

Organizations Like Yours.
What You Have.
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Why OneTap?

Organizations Like Yours

Thousands of membership clubs around the world have signed up for OneTap. Specifically, we have seen success with VIP clubs, gyms, daycares, sports teams, country clubs, nonprofits, and community centers. What do all you membership clubs have in common?

You want a seamless check-in process that uncovers insights about your members’ activity.

You use pencil and paper sign-in sheets. Or a bloated membership management software that’s bad at check-ins. Using paper and pencil wastes time. Time printing sheets, manually entering data, reading handwriting, and chasing down attendance sheets.

Understanding members improves your organization, and check-in data helps you understand your members. This is why so many organizations like yours manually enter data into Excel files and calculate attendance by hand. It can help understand how your locations are performing, improve visitor retention, and help program efficiency.

Right now, you and thousands of others are in the dark about which programs people love. What keeps bringing members back?

Fortunately, OneTap’s customizable sign-in process makes it super easy for members to sign-in, indicate a reason for visit, and optionally answer a short survey.

You know exactly who is showing up. You know where they are showing up. You know how often they show up. This information helps you continue with successful programs. It also helps you modify and halt those services that customers don't care about.

It’s super easy to understand:
    1) Who is visiting.
    2) How often a member is visiting.
    3) Which programs people love.
    4) Why people visit.
    5) Which locations are most active.
    6) How to organize staff according to the busiest times of the day.

OneTap is an easy way to record check-ins for the front desk and all your programs.

What You Have

No easy way to track people coming and leaving the location.

To manually type in member data and add up attendance on paper sheets.

No idea exactly what a members’ reason for visiting is.

Dealing with printed or paper and pencil sign-in sheets.

Too much book-keeping on paper sheets.

Difficulty reading messy handwriting on sign-in sheets.

What You Need

A simple way to check-in members.

To view historical & live attendance data in an instant.

Cost-effective solution that does one thing well - Check-Ins.

An easy way for members to check-in themselves into different programs offered.

To find out your members’ reasons for visiting.

To have an organized and efficient check-in process.

OneTap Helps You...

Self-Check-Ins for a Faster Front Desk

1) Members can simply type to search their names on your new kiosk. 2) They can scan in with the QR Code Passes you send them.

Know the Exact Reason for Visit Each Time

Take surveys on check-in to gather deeper insights.

Know Which Classes Attract Members.

Create repeating classes and effortlessly view attendance for each class, program, or service.

Completely Eliminate Paper Sign In Sheets

Set up your programs, services, classes, or events once and let it repeat. Then sit back and track attendance with ease.

View Attendance at Your Fingertips

Data from all your checkpoints sync in real-time. Keep track of attendance from your phone or from our online dashboard.

Save Time with Digital Sheets and Names

Your new member database saves many hours of manual work. Reading handwriting and typing in names is a thing of the past.

Easily Upload Your Members with Excel

Drag-and-drop a file with your members information and see it immediately appear on your iPhone, iPad, and dashboard.

OneTap iPad app in kiosk mode

Give Your Members a Better Experience

Customize the Kiosk to show off your brand. Let your members know your location is professional.

Why OneTap?

Check-ins for membership clubs is what we do.


An app with a clean interface is a thing of beauty. We make sure our software is intuitive.


Free to sign up, paid plans starting as low as $10/mo.


OneTap is anything but "clunky". We help you achieve exactly what you need to without the fluff.