Martial Arts Software That Simplifies Your Attendance

Martial Arts Software That Simplifies Your Attendance

Track student attendance without the hassle of paper and pencil sign-in sheets.

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“This program enhanced our customer experience, and helped us track the analytics of our customers. We would 110% recommend this program to all businesses.”

- Joseph, Account Executive
VIP & Hospitality @ MLSE (Raptors, Leafs, TFC)
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Helping business owners around the world

We've helped small and big businesses around the world streamline their check-in process, record attendance, and build reports to quickly to identify -
who's visited, when, for which class, and how many times.

Create a check-in process with martial arts software

Create a check-in process

Create a self check-in process, turn any iPad into a self-check-in kiosk with our digital check-in app.

With a process, you reduce daily labor, line ups, and speed up your attendance. Start your class with confidence - quickly see who's check-in, who's missing, and the class attendance percentage.

Make it fun for students, while streamlining your business operations.

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Track passes & memberships

Remove paper sign-in sheets and visitor logs from your workflow.  Import student profiles directly from Excel, add custom fields for birthdays, membership type, and pass details.

Export daily, weekly, and monthly reports of all student attendance, and membership details.

Track number of visits left, pass expiry, fees collected, and more.

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Martial Arts software that track passes and memberships
Martial arts check-in software taekwando

Designed to be fun and easy!

Struggling with attendance?
Kids forget to sign-in, don't follow the instructions, mark the wrong person, or date?

Take it many steps above paper sheets with our digital check-in process. We've designed our iPad app to be kid friendly and super fun - Kids see a list of names, pictures, and hear a sound after each check-in.

Create a fun experience and a great brand impression on any iPad.

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Keep student records in one place

Create student profiles, add membership details, birth dates, emergency contacts, allergies and other custom fields.

OneTap automatically connects check-ins to an associated student profile so you can see all activities with a single click.

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Profiles database software for martial arts
Stay compliant martial arts software database

Stay compliant

When parents ask, you will always know where kids are (e.g. in or out of the building or class) and when they come and go.

And you can also protect your business during audits (e.g. contract tracing or building insurance inspections) and against suspicious visitor activities.

Detailed student and visitor logs keep everyone safe and accountable.

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Download reports

Download powerful reports with a few clicks, continue your workflow in Excel.

  • Export attendance for a specific day or class.
  • View student attendance summaries and last visit information with our profile aggregate export. Customize reports to a specific time period.
  • View every visits log inside a specific time period.
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Profiles database software for martial arts

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OneTap demo for Martial Arts Studio

Schedule a product tour with the OneTap customer success team.

There are lots of full-fledged software and apps with dozens of modules and hundreds of features. We're just focused on doing one thing really well - check-ins!

What can you expect from a demo with OneTap?

  • Assessment of the problem you are looking to solve and if OneTap is the right fit for your use case.
  • A session tailored to your organization's needs, wants, and interests.
  • A walkthrough of OneTap dashboard and mobile app.
  • Learn about how others in your industry use OneTap.
  • Answers to any questions you may have.