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Create or Import Profiles

Create or import visitor (customers, members, students, employee, guests) profiles from Excel.

We automatically detect custom fields from your excel columns.

check-in link registration

Share registration & check-in links

Share a check-in & registration link that works on any mobile device or computer.

People can search for their name or register as a new profile and check-in.

Setup Recurring Lists

Setup repeating lists that are duplicated each day based on your schedule.

Ideal for daily sign-ins, classes, and repeating events.

Make a Kiosk

Turn any iPad into a check-in or registration kiosk.

Tweak the kiosk appearance with your brand colors, logo and background effects. Add or remove text input fields to customize your check-in process.

Reports & Attendance

Download Reports

Download comprehensive reports on who's checking in, when, and where. Get aggregate attendance totals, time on location, and more.

View Attendance

Look up an individual's attendance totals on the spot with our iOS app and website dashboard.

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