Share check-in links

Create and distribute public check-in links. Share check-in links with people who will be visiting using text/SMS or email. Print out QR codes that can be scanned by visitors.

Collaborators using OneTap inside an organization
Public QR code generated on OneTap

QR Passes

Create QR passes to speed up your check-in process.
Create a global or an event specific pass. Add expiry dates, revoke and re-issue passes at any time. Send out passes using text/SMS or email, scan using our app.

Recurring Lists

Replace your daily attendance/sign-in sheets by creating a recurring list. Specify the list to repeat (copy) based on a weekly or daily schedule.

OneTap feature - recurring list
OneTap iOS app for iPad in kiosk mode.


Turn your regular iPad into a self check-in kiosk. People can search for their name or browse a list of names. Pair your Kiosk with a recurring list for an effortless daily check-in process.

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