Extremely simple

We've made it dead simple and quick to create a list (for events, visitors, attendance), add people (or import using Excel), and check-in using any iOS device.

Time tracking

Auto track check-in and check-out time, view visit duration for each person. Download reports to see how long people stay for on average, total, etc.

Turn any iPad into a Kiosk

Turn any iPad into a kiosk with our iPad app. Customize the kiosk to reflect your logo and brand colors. Customize the input boxes and scan QR passes using the Kiosk.

Multiple check-in options

Share self-check-in links. Require a signature prior to check-in. Take a photo or ask a set of survey questions prior to check-in.

Location tracking

OneTap automatically tracks location when a check-in takes place. As an admin you can see where people check-in on the map.

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