Visitor screening and contact tracing solution for businesses

Visitor screening and contact tracing solution for businesses.

Keep your workplace safe with our check-in solution.

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- Joseph, Account Executive
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Looking to keep your physical space safe from COVID-19?

During this pandemic, businesses need to continue their operations while protecting the health of their visitors (employees, members, customers, or students) while keeping up with contact tracing requirements.

Screen visitors with health surveys, save visit logs for contact tracing while complying with local quarantine and isolation laws. Create a touchless check-in process for your visitors, employees, members, customers or students, today.

Looking to reopen? Let’s make that happen

During this pandemic, we understand the worry behind keeping visitors safe. Furthermore, there are contact tracing rules along with local quarantine and isolation regulations to follow.

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Covid Safe visitors at your office
Eliminate paper and pencil and privacy for visitors

What’s wrong with paper and pencil sign-in sheets?

Paper and pencil sign-in sheets require constant sanitization, bookkeeping, safekeeping and leads to data privacy concerns among visitors. On top that, you want to minimize face-to-face interactions.

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The time to go digital is now

With a digital check-in process you can keep your physical space and staff safe. Here are some immediate benefits:

  • Visitors with symptoms may put your location at risk.
  • Some visitors may feel uneasy with without a check-in process.
  • Save hours of manual labor and increase your safety standards.
  • Be prepared, with the ability to trace visitors when an outbreak is reported.
  • Comply quarantine, isolation, and contact tracing regulations
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Get digital check-ins at your office

Meet our check-in solution, it's quite simple.

We’ve got you covered with an array of features to screen visitors, conduct daily health checks, minimize face-to-face interactions, keep visit logs, and complying with local quarantine and isolation laws.

Screen visitors before they arrive to your office

Screen visitors before they arrive

  • Conduct daily health checks with our customizable surveys.
  • Ask visitors for common symptoms.
  • Ask about international travel history, and body temperature.
  • Identify visitors who don’t pass the checks.
    coming soon - automatic notifications.
  • Setup text alerts when people check-in.
  • View responses in real-time.
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Go touchless

  • Print out unique QR codes, visitors can scan and check-in on their own device.
  • Share check-in links, people can check-in on their own device.
  • Share QR passes ahead of visit, scan upon arrival.
  • Minimize face-to-face interactions with staff.
    Reduce sanitization.
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Go touchless and share check-in links
Contact tracing made easy

Contact tracing, made easy

  • Keep logs off visits, look back in event of an outbreak.
  • Identify people who have been in-contact using our reports.
  • Keep logs off temperatures.
  • Comply with local quarantine and isolation laws.
  • View all visitor’s data and check-in records on a single dashboard.
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Create a check-in process

  • Know who's in the building, real time updates.
  • Share arrival instructions /w visitors during the check-in process.
  • Ask for signature on check-in.
  • Record check-in, check-out timestamps, time in-between, and check-in location.
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Create a check-in process
Improve data protection for your workers!

Improve data protection

  • Industry grade data security.
  • You own your data, delete it anytime
  • Transparent data and privacy policy.
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