How OneTap Works

Get organized and ready to manage your check-ins with ease.

First, Add Your Members

Turn your members into comprehensive profiles. Now you can keep records of when they were created, how often they visit, why they visit, and any custom information you need.

Upload Excel, add them one-by-one, or have your members register themselves using the Kiosk.

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Second, Create a Recurring List

Have lists automatically created so you can be ready for the day with minimal prep time.

Create multiple lists for your classes, programs, and services. This way you can track who checks into which list, and know exactly how often they check-in.

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Third, Setup Your Kiosk

Keep your front desk professional and make the Kiosk your own. Give your members an experience they will love every time they check-in.

Add your logo. Change the colors. Change the welcome text. Require custom information for check-in or registration.

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Fourth, Let Members Check-In Themselves

Have members search their name and tap to check-in, so you can automatically track their attendance.

Issue QR Code Passes for self-check-in and keep logs of all your members' activity.

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Last, View or Download Attendance

View attendance on the Profile detail inside the dashboard or the app.

Download Complete Reports

Get a complete overview of your members by seeing who checked in, when, and what lists they check-in to.

View Attendance Individually

Have a quick look to see how frequently a member visits and give them a personalized experience.

Go From Paper Sheet Chaos to Digitally Organized in Minutes

Have your members at your fingertips in a snap.

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