Run Events with Ease

One Tap Check-in has every feature you need to manage guests and events while gathering all the analytics you need.

Speed Through Your Guest List

Upload the Excel File    

Drag & Drop your guest list. Don’t use Excel? Add multiple guests at once inside the app.

Check-in Your Participants  

Collaborate in real-time using multiple devices & teammates.

Analyze the Analytics  

Say goodbye to disorganization 👋. Just use the web dashboard to gain clear and simple insights.

Automate Check-ins with our Kiosk Mode

Customize your kiosk for guest check-ins

Then easily save any kind of guest information with custom fields.

Get Creative with Check-ins

Check-out Guests

Track time elapsed from check-in to check-out.

Build Surveys

Signatures & Geolocation

Have guests sign-in, then easily view their check-in location.

Signature and Geolocation Check-ins

QR Codes to the Rescue

Speed through your lines with QR code tickets.

Use QR Codes to check-in guests

Kiosk Mode

Have other things to do?
Just let the customizable kiosk do the work. Feel free to upload your own logo, change colors, and customize the welcome message.

Build Surveys

SMS Check-in Alerts

Mark guests as VIP's and get SMS text message notifications.

Signature Check-ins

Facial Recognition

Match faces using our facial recognition feature.

Use Photo ID

You're in Good Hands

Offline Mode

Away from WiFi and data access? We've got you covered.

Build Surveys

Data Security

Your data is secured with industry standard security protocols like access control lists, authentication, encryption, and regular backups. We never touch your data unless you explicitly ask us to and we do not give or sell any data to third parties. Security and our user's trust is very important to us.

Signature Check-ins

Powerful Analytics at your Fingertips

No more need for confusing Excel formulas or the chaos of sharing guest information with teammates. The One Tap platform keeps your information clean and organized so you're not bogged down by pencil & paper sheets, or manually entering data.

How successful was your event?  
How many checked-in?  
Who needs the text notifications?  

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  2. Drag & drop Excel sheets.
  3. Cut your check-in time by half!

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